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Biology CBSE Class XI

With this Biology CBSE Class Xi course, you can explore multiple branches of biology & the related career options. It enables the students to be aware of the plant & animal lifecycle.

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Language: English

Instructors: FosterJEE

Course Curriculum

Why this course?


This Biology CBSE Class Xi online free course assists students in understanding & correlating class 11th subjects in preparation for their school exam & other entrance tests. The Biology CBSE course covers every unit and chapter from the NCERT Biology. This is an excellent course for the school and competitive exam preparation students.


The course was created by our experts utilising NCERT and other chosen reference books, making it the ideal study material. This course is only accessible in English. Our best instructors are chosen for their excellent teaching abilities, as well as their high qualifications and experience. The majority of our faculty members are IITians, NITians, and Doctors with a decade of experience. They are all subject matter experts who are dedicated to their work.

By accessing this free online subject, you can understand the basics of the origin of animal & plant life. Our instructors do their best to develop an interest in learning the biological terminology of living things. 

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