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Chemistry for JEE Advanced

Do you want to prepare for JEE Advanced Chemistry in minimal time? If yes, you must try this free course now. 

Language: English

Instructors: FosterJEE

Course Curriculum

Why this course?


This online course for Chemistry for JEE Advanced comes with 21 modules and 42 sessions. You can complete this course in 42 hours. So, there are 21 chapters, and at the end of every chapter, you have 2 practice set question papers. In this series we will take you through the syllabus of chemistry. Here, we have mentioned the important concepts that are based on the previous year's question paper analysis. Chemistry is the rank decider subject in the HEE Advanced exam. With this course, you can make your basics stronger. When it comes to Chemistry preparation, our experts will pick the most important points from the concepts explained in the CBSE book. You can clear your basics and improve your knowledge of chemistry subject. Grab this course for free before the deal ends!

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