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Chemistry for JEE Mains

The course curriculum is designed by expert Chemistry educators to provide holistic guidance to every registered aspirant. The JEE Main Preparation course materials are scientifically designed for students to aid their practical understanding of the subject. Thoroughly studying these materials enables a student to solve the papers using the gathered knowledge.

We have designed a highly professional Chemistry JEE Mock Test set for the registered aspirants. The test is an accurate guide for students to realize and get accustomed to the question patterns and difficulty levels of Chemistry questions in JEE Mains. It will also help them assess their preparation for the subject before the exam. Once the students have completed studying the course materials and all the mock assessments, they will feel prepared enough to achieve their targeted rank in JEE Mains.

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Course Curriculum

Why this course?


For the JEE Mains aspirants, having adequate preparation for Chemistry can be challenging. The marks scored in Chemistry questions depend on the thorough understanding of complex concepts. The different sub-divisions of the subject – Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry – all require unique teaching approaches. Only then a student can internalize the practice of applying the concepts. Fosterjee JEE Classes for Chemistry is specialized in providing that guidance to the aspirants.

The JEE Mains Paper consists of questions in Chemistry that can be solved only when the student has a clear concept. If a student is seeking a career in Engineering and the related disciplines, having proper transparency in their knowledge of each subject is crucial. Students often seem to struggle a lot with the Chemistry preparation due to the absence of proper conceptual background. We follow highly efficient academic methods to help the students visualize the operational pattern behind every topic. Instead of memorizing a theory, students learn its practical application. This not only helps them with their JEE Preparation but also prepares them for the challenging practical disciplines of Engineering and its derivative courses.

In the Fosterjee Chemistry for JEE Mains course, we thoroughly cover every unit included in the syllabus.

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