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Chemistry for NEET

While every section of the Chemistry for NEET curriculum must be properly studied and comprehended in order to excel at NEET, some chapters are more crucial than others and must be prioritized, which we mentioned in this syllabus. 

Language: English

Instructors: FosterJEE - NEET

Course Curriculum

Why this course?


According to prior years' trends, the following chapters mentioned in our resources are claimed to have occurred the most. These figures are subject to fluctuation each year. Physical Chemistry relies heavily on conceptual understanding. It is difficult to figure out a number without first grasping the underlying ideas. Individuals are advised to understand all of the ideas given in NCERT textbooks. Maintain an outline of critical formulae and practice questions on a regular basis. The likelihood of receiving theory-based questions from this section is relatively low.

However, with consistent practice, you may get good results in this subject. When studying for a highly competitive test like NEET, planning is essential. Instead of a long-term aim, set tiny, attainable goals. Chemistry for NEET will help you to more clearly monitor your progress. Make a weekly study schedule and focus on different topics each week. Concentrate on your goal and work hard to attain it within the time limit set.

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