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Social Science Class X

Are you constantly getting low marks in Social Science Class X subject? If yes, this time, we don’t let you repeat this process. We bring this series of free courses where we describe every chapter in the brief.

Language: English

Instructors: FosterJEE - Social Science

Course Curriculum

Why this course?


The syllabus of Social Science Class X is wide, and you need to understand the brief of every chapter. Class 10th is very important for students. If you got the lowest marks in social science before, then it’s the best time to take a step forward to strengthen your knowledge in social science. This course is designed with our expertise by considering the syllabus with the school academic calendar. This course helps children to efficiently understand the subject matter and be creative while answering the question. The course is divided into multiple units, and every unit is followed by the practice set question. We tried our best to engage students with this through interactive quizzes and practice set questions and example set. To score the best marks in class 10 is more important when you want to join the best college. So, keep your fundamentals strong with this.


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